Hercules Marine Fishing Safety, New Bedford, Ma


What we service & supply

  • SSPI Life Rafts
  • Elliot Life Rafts
  • Life Rings
  • Training & First Aid/CPR
  • Life Vests
  • E.P.I.R.B’s Sales & Service
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Personal PLB
  • Flare Kits
  • Strobes
  • USCG NAV Rules
  • Tide Books
  • Pilot Book
  • Survival Suits
  • DSPA’s
  • Mustang Float Coats

We offer Monthly Safety Drills

The new Coast Guard Authorization Bill that was just passed now requires not only that monthly safety drills be conducted on commercial fishing vessels , now you also have to document that the drill have been done.  Monthly safety drill must be conducted by a U.S.C.G. certified drill conductor. Hercules SLR Safety coordinator will tailor monthly safety drills for your vessel and crew that meets U.S.C.G. requirements.   Hercules SLR safety division will provide copies of the documented drills to the vessel owner, captain, insurance provider and keep a copy in our records

Monthly safety drills include:
  1. Reporting inoperative Alarms
  2. Activation of General Alarm
  3. Activation of High Water Alarm 
  4. Radio Distress Calls / Visual Signals 
  5. Donning Immersion suits & PFD’s
  6. Recovering Man- over-board
  7. Minimizing effects of unintentional flooding
  8. Donning Firemen’s outfit or SCBA
  9. Fire Location
  10. Launching & recovering of survival craft
  11. Abandoning Ship
To set Monthly safety drills for your vessel please contact Hercules SLR safety coordinator:

Ted Williams @ 508-264-5779 or 508-993-0010

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