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Hercules Marine Supply offers a wide selection of wire rope products and Marine Rigging Supplies for Fishing Vessels. We offer a variety of types of wire rope that will meet your lifting, mooring, or towing needs. We can custom fabricate wire rope using domestic, import high performance, galvanized and stainless steel, dark and light lube. See us for all your Marine Rigging Supplies needs.

For the fishing industry...

If you need a new sweep, ground cable, or net repairs done, Hercules has the material and the experience for the job. We custom assemble stay wires for any boat. Our specialized trucks can transport, lift and move almost anything to and from our location.

Lifelines, s/s stay wires, bridles, and mooring systems are our specialty- see our “ Cuttyhunk Mooring Systems” that are assembled in-house providing easy mooring line pick up.

Towing cables, crane hoists, construction straps

These are just some of the things we do here at Hercules. If you have a tow truck that needs a new cable and hooks, we have the materials to get you back on the road quickly. Have a roll-off truck that needs wire installed, we do that here. With quality certified inspections, we can also acquire certifications directly from the manufacturers so that everything is safe and secure.

Dyform IWRC

  • High strength smooth periphery for reduced pulley wear
  • Tough robust 6 strand rope
  • Crush resistant
  • Accurate rope diameter for effective spooling
  • Long service life

Dyform PolyCore

  • High strength smooth periphery for reduced pulley wear
  • Tough robust 6 strand rope
  • Accurate rope diameter for effective spooling
  • Long service life

Custom made wire rope lifting straps

Custom applications are assembled here in the shop to your specifications. Also, check out the nylon lifting strap inventory. From1/4" IWRC to 1 1/2" IWRC made in stainless steel, bright, coated, or galvanized wire construction, all made in the USA. We repair on-site or visit our full-service shops located here in New Bedford, MA


  • The unique design of polyester round slings improves sling flexibility resulting in reduced stress on the cover and better grip of the load
  • A durable double cover protects the inner polyester strands and allows for simplified inspection
  • Advanced polyester yarn manufacturing processes ensure equal loading of the yarns and extend sling life
  • Custom wear protection and integrated assemblies with purpose made fittings can be designed to meet specialized requirements
  • Capacity color coding along with protected sling tags provides a unique quick check system for users to identify the right sling for the job

Standard Nylon & Polyester Slings

Every Lift Uses 1 of 3 Basic Hitches

All Hercules SLR slings are marked to show Working Load Limit (WLL) in vertical, choker, and basket hitch. All slings have the largest load capacity when used in the basket hitch. Capacity in the vertical hitch is 50% of that in the basket hitch. Capacity in the choker hitch of single-leg slings is a maximum of 80% of the vertical rated load.

Effect of Angle Increases

Sling angle is the angle measured between a horizontal line and the sling leg or body. The angle is very important and can have a dramatic effect on the rated capacity of the sling – when this angle decreases, the load on each leg increases. This principle applies whether in a basket hitch or for multi-legged bridle slings. When possible, the sling angle should be more than 45o. At any sling angle under 30o, a spreader beam should be used. To determine the sling reduced rating according to a specific sling angle, multiply the sling rating by the appropriate loss factor.


New & improved CertTracker Asset Management


CertTracker is new and improved. What are the benefits of the new CertTracker asset management, you ask? Benefits of the new CertTracker platform include:

  • Better Interface: The new CertTracker has a modern, intuitive, agile and user-friendly interface for inspectors and customers.
  • Easy equipment management: Easier to mark failed equipment/gear, and reorder equipment.
  • Inspections: Perform pre-use inspections of equipment.
  • Collaboration: Better work with Hercules, to ensure equipment and gear is certified well before the deadline.
  • Asset management: Quickly locate (in detail) any item you own on-site, all in one place. View your assets and documents quickly, easily, and with new filter options that let you determine the status of any asset.


The rope inventory consists of sizes from ¼” to 2 ½” construction material is PE, PP and the Dyneema high strength synthetics in a large variety of sizes and colors.

Polysteel Float and Sink Rope– This versatile rope is 35% stronger than Polypropylene Rope and low stretch. It floats and is a great general use rope. It is also the strongest synthetic rope in its class due to its extremely tight tolerance and fiber extrusion. This rope offers great consistency and quality.

Polysteel Crab/Lobster Floating Rope- Our crab/lobster floating rope is 2 times stronger than regular Polypropylene Rope and easy to grip for haulers. With added Sun Block, the lifetime of the rope is extended beyond others. The rope has less elongation and because of this will pick up less water, keeping it lighter and preventing deterioration from the salt in the oceans water. Over time it develops a feathered surface to prevent abrasions and avoid hardening.

Polysteel Crab/Lobster Sinking Rope- This rope is the perfect substitute for sinking lead lines. It has twice the strength of regular Polypropylene Rope, and has an inner core of Polysteel filaments that are covered with high tenacity polyester. The rope is both UV and abrasion resistant to lengthen its lifetime and to assure you that the rope will not fail. The UV and abrasion resistance also helps haulers get an easier grip on the rope and gives it a silent run.

Poly Dacron Rope- Poly Dacron rope has a unique mixture of being strong and lightweight. Dacron provides the rope with strength while the Polypropylene core keeps it light. The rope is very versatile and is great for commercial fishing, mooring, and towing. The rope is also water resistant and will dry quickly. Some of our Poly Dacron rope is imported from Portugal, one of the top rope manufacturers in the world.

Duraflex Rope- Designed for the unique conditions that North Atlantic fishermen face, Duraflex ropes were created for you. The rope is strong but remains flexible during working conditions, no matter how extreme. The rope is abrasion resistant and will work just as hard as you do.

Dyneema Blue rope "stronger than steel" AmSteel Blue is a torque-free 12-strand single braid that yields the maximum in strength-to-weight ratio and, size-for-size, is the same strength as steel. Learn more


The chain inventory consists of G30 self-colored, G70 galvanized up to high strength G100/120 for overhead lifting/ securing requirements. We also stock a large inventory of shackles, turnbuckles, and swivels for any application. Our stainless steel room is one of the best stocked in the area.

Our 250K lb testbed is available

For any test requirements, you might need- by appointment only.
If you have any questions or would like to know more about what we do, please contact us at 508-992-9519 or 508-992-3039. The main office phone 508-993-0010.

  • Tow Truck Cables
  • Swivels
  • Wire Rope
  • Slings
  • SS Hardware
  • Hooks
  • Splicing
  • Turnbuckles
  • Band-It, Bands & Buckles
  • Hammerlocks
  • Thimbles
  • Wire Clips
  • Stay Wires
  • Boat/Crane Wires
  • Lifting/Installation Services
  • 250K Test Bed

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