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“Hercules SLR US Marine Fishing Supplies believes in supporting you with the best products and services for the best value. “

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Hercules Marine fishing supplies in New Bedford, Mass carries a full supply of fishing-related gear. From Crosby shackles, pulleys, chain, rope, and related hardware to 66 Degrees Northfoul weather gear Boss gloves and Dexter Russell Cutlery. We have all the fishing supplies you could want. Right in downtown New Bedford Mass,

The Boston Pattern

Oyster knife

This knife is an American favorite, for many reasons. It has a long narrow blade that can be used to shuck any type or size of oyster.  Its pear-shaped handle makes it comfortable to grip and hold.

Here are a list of features.

  • It has a high carbon steel blade with long oval-round or pear-shaped handle
  • Can use any shucking method with this knife, except side-knife method
  • Firm grip on the handle
  • Forward shape in the handle serves as a stabilizing thumb rest
  • The Narrow-body behind it enhances a good grip for the rest of the fingers
  • The rear of the handle has bulged again for good support in the base of the palm
  • Slightly convex blade
  • Not as sharp blade
  • Gradually narrows towards the tip, flat rounded tip

Visit our showroom to see more of the Russell Cutlery product line.

marine supply Brands we carry:

  • Atlas gloves
  • Campell Chain & Hardware
  • CM Shackles & Hardware
  • Edgemaker Sharpeners
  • Bridon Wire Rope
  • Dexter Russell Cutlery
  • Stormline Foul Weather Gear
  • Carlisle Brooms & Brushes
  • Remco Shovels
  • Polyform U.S. Buoys & Fenders
  • Novatec Ropes
  • Cotesi Twines, Ropes & Netting
  • Momoi Nets
  • Skookum Blocks
  • Hancock Blocks
  • Perone Buoys
  • Gunnebo Johnson Hardware
  • Acco Chain
  • Boss Gloves
  • 66° N Foul Weather Gear
  • Ansell Gloves
  • Survitec Life rafts & Safety
  • Mustang Safety Clothing
  • Revere Life rafts & Safety
  • Imperial Survival Suits
  • Norcross Boots & Extra-Tuf Boots
  • DSPA-5 Fire Supression
  • Trawlmaster Wire Rope
  • Crosby Shackles & Hardware
  • ACR E.P.I.R.B.’s & PLB’s
  • Elliot Life Rafts
  • Blueline Hardware

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