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About Us

In the fall of 1980 construction began and in February 1981, the Rowe family opened the doors to I M P Fishing Gear in New Bedford, MA, USA. 

This branch has supported the commercial fishing and industrial safety industries throughout the U.S..  Over the past 30 years, this business has diversified into marine safety and services.  As of April 1, 2011, we were purchased by Hercules SLR and became Hercules SLR (US) Inc.

New Bedford employs 18 people to take care of our customers needs.  We offer products for the draggers, scallopers, lobstermen, gillnetters, to name a few and also some recreational applications and a full line of safety equipment.  Our services cover vessel safety inspections and drills for the crew members, First-Aid & CPR classes, life raft inspections, annual survival suit inspections and a gill net hanging service. 

Our distribution network has grown to cover North America, now reaching from Bermuda to Brazil and as far away as Hawaii.

We believe that commercial fishing is a necessity to harvest our waters of food for consumers.  It is considered one of the cleanest healthiest foods on earth.

All the employees of Hercules SLR (US) are here to serve you with the best products and service for the best value, ensuring your safety at sea.  Your business is appreciated.

Support our fishing industry!!

Our Team:

General Manager……. John Reardon….Email

Marine Safety Coordinator…. Ted Williams….Email

Office Manager…. Dawn Ashley…Email

Raft service Technician….Rich Joia…Email

General Information…Email

Shipping Department…Email

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