Two things you need to know about your life raft. Will it inflate and will it float?

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Hercules SLR US Inc. are taking your safety and the safety of our staff seriously.
Currently, the Marine & Rigging are now open for all customers, including walk-ins. Marine is now open on Saturdays.

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Lifting and rigging solutions that allow our customers to work safely and efficiently is what Hercules SLR (US) is all about. We specialize in wire rope, chain synthetic rope, slings transportation, and hardware.

  • Slings– Hercules carries a selection of web slings (nylon and polyester) as an alternative to wire or chain for your lifting needs. We carry Slingmaster® polyester round slings.
  • Chain– Our chain inventory consists of G30 self-colored, G70 galvanized up to high strength G100/120 for overhead lifting/ securing requirements.
  • Hardware–We stock a large inventory of shackles, turnbuckles, and swivels for any application. And our stainless steel room is one of the best stocked in the area.
  • Rope– Our rope inventory consists of sizes from ¼” to 2 ½” construction material is PE, PP and the Dyneema high strength synthetics in a large variety of sizes and colors. Long lasting and UV light resistance. Synthetic rope is great for mooring and anchor lines.

Lifting & Rigging

Survival Training, Hercules Marine supply New Bedford, Ma


Survival Training, Hercules Marine supply New Bedford, Ma

Since the time when man first ventured out in a hollowed boat, the sea has always been synonymous with insecurity for those who venture on to it. Being prepared will ensure your safety.

Hercules has been performing safety training since 2005, and in that time they have trained over 2,000 groups averaging 30 people per group. Total hours of safety training experience is over 4,500 hours. Hercules Marine Safety and Rigging conduct the training on the client's ships and will travel from Maine to anywhere on the south coast of New England.

Fishing vessel accidents occur when the physical system, the vessel, or the vessels equipment fails or is used improperly. A fishing vessel is complex, with many moving parts with respect to its technology and engineering. We train fishermen on the use of safety equipment and not to exceed its capabilities. It's not a one size fits all approach, no one vessel is the same, each has its own characteristics. We exercise a methodology in our training that ensures you and your crew will learn how to respond to a dangerous onboard situation should one arise.

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Samson Dyneema®

12 Strand Rope

Rope 12–Strand

12-Strand, Product, Construction, Fiber (Core/Cover). AMSTEEL®, 12-StrandDyneema®. AMSTEEL®-BLUE, 12-StrandDyneema®. AQUALINE, 12-Strand. Abrasion-resistant, easy to splice, wears well, flexible and high strength is just a few of the qualities. LEARN MORE



Fire Suppressor


DSPA aerosol generators consist of a solid aerosol forming compound in a non-pressurized red canister which aerosolizes finely divided solid particles. LEARN MORE


Emergency Position Indicating radio Beacon



EPIRB is used to alert search and rescue services in the event that you or your crew should end up overboard. It transmits a coded message via the free to use, multinational Cospas Sarsat network.

SOLAS Approved & USCG Approved, Hercules SLR, New Bedford, MA


Flotation Suits

Survival Suits

The Imperial suit comes in 4 sizes with colored bags designated sizes which range from youth to jumbo and custom suits are made to order. The survival suit is critical to limiting exposure to elements when exiting the vessel. Understanding proper training and correct sizing of suit are very important - survival suits should only be worn in an open area when the evacuation of the vessel is imminent. *NEVER WEAR SUIT IN A CONFINED AREA. 

Life Rafts and Survival Gear.

The Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Safety Act of 1988 (CFIVSA) manifested itself from the concern for crewmembers exposed to dangers onboard fishing vessels.

Considering the complexity engineered into a fishing vessel such as electronics, pumps, booms, winches and more, add to that a vessel that rolls along on the surface of the ocean it's easy to come to this conclusion.

Fishing vessels flood, founder, capsize, burn, go aground, collide, and break down. Sometimes vessel loss or damage results, often accompanied by injuries or even death. If your crew is forced to abandon ship, all onboard may end up in the water or in a life raft.  We hope this never happens but if it does we want to make sure your equipment performing correctly. And that your Life rafts inflate and hold air, and your immersion suits keep you afloat.


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